About Us



Has been training martial arts all his life and teaching this knowledge to others. He has trained with the highest level athletes and mixed martial arts professionals, including UFC, Bellator, and other Martial Arts world champions. He has trained tactical self-defense and Krav Maga to military and civilians across the United States and Israel. He is a certified World Instructor Trainer W.I.T.S.

ABE SCHUR offers a true, authentic Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) training experience emphasizing hand-to-hand combat, tactical shooting and warrior training for both men and women. He was featured in the History Channel – The Human Weapon- a documentary about Krav Maga in Israel. His last assignment was as a Tactical Security Team Leader working off the coast of East Africa.


Krav Maga class with Abe Shur is a heart-racing, adrenaline-pumping, high intensity self-defense learning workout.  You learn self defense techniques while losing pounds.  Both teacher and students are knowledgeable and helpful, we all teach each other.  I recommend coming in and checking it out for yourself! – Yessie


“This is a class with very welcoming students and teacher. I enjoy the warm-up which improves muscle tone and learning Krav Maga techniques. If you are interested in efficient self defense, join us!” – Olivia