trachea crush test


There are many ways to break down a standing enemy from behind. Approach on a side stance, making it hard for him to grab the goin, use a technique such as a kick to the back of the knee or a hand to the small of the back. Upon bringing him down place your knee in the small of his back and cut with the blade of the hand creating a vice grip and driving your elbow into his back. This is not a jui-jitsu style clean choke but a choke aimed at crushing the trachea.

In the video you see me approaching at the side the ways i can take down my enemy are as follows; A kick delivered to the back of his knee coupled with pulling him backwards forcefully at the neck (as seen in the video), or striking the small of my opponents back at the L5-S1 area coupled with pulling him back forcefully at the neck, or a side bump with my hip coupled with pulling him back forcefully, in all these techniques it goes to show that I need only to pull him back forcefully by the neck in order to apply this trachea crush.

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