class 5/2/16

Class tonight will be
Warm-up low impact 7-8 min body weight exercises.
2 min light stretch.
striking combo jab cross elbow block lead, rear hook 3 min
striking combo jab cross elbow block lead, rear hammer fist 3 min
water 2 min
setup and clean mats no shoes put on protective clothing 6-7 min
ground exercises,
Neck rolls head down, head to ceiling, 5 min
full bridge 2 min
Jiu jitsu technique escape guard to standing utilizing framing 3 min
Sparring ground only no striking
work on escaping mount, side-mount, knee on stomach, guard 10-15 min depending on time
Qigong chi gung (Simcha) 2-5 min depending on time
Trim all nails come with clean socks, bring the judo mats into the small dojo, all students please chip in on cleaning mats before and tidying up the room afterwards.

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