Applying Krav Maga to traditional BJJ

finger twist and hand on groin mount escape

Here a smaller female is observed using the techniques of krav maga to escape from the mount of a significantly larger male, In Bjj the bridge and roll is taught, However what if you lack the strength required to perform the bjj basic mount escape?

The answer is to use dirty techniques such as attacking single digits and the groin, here the student is observed applying pressure to the femoral artery Near the groin, but not directly attacking the testicles. Is this ethical?

trachea crush test


There are many ways to break down a standing enemy from behind. Approach on a side stance, making it hard for him to grab the goin, use a technique such as a kick to the back of the knee or a hand to the small of the back. Upon bringing him down place your knee in the small of his back and cut with the blade of the hand creating a vice grip and driving your elbow into his back. This is not a jui-jitsu style clean choke but a choke aimed at crushing the trachea.

In the video you see me approaching at the side the ways i can take down my enemy are as follows; A kick delivered to the back of his knee coupled with pulling him backwards forcefully at the neck (as seen in the video), or striking the small of my opponents back at the L5-S1 area coupled with pulling him back forcefully at the neck, or a side bump with my hip coupled with pulling him back forcefully, in all these techniques it goes to show that I need only to pull him back forcefully by the neck in order to apply this trachea crush.

In the words of my students

Mutiple Attackers

“A fight between two people is a testing of the will of their respective bodies and spirits.”

We worked on fundamental skills today: a bladed stance, Kicks to the groin with the lead foot, fingers to the eyes (a deceptive maneuver to create other opportunities for attack), and hammer fists with full extension of shoulder and torso to achieve optimal power.

How to safely use striking pads was demonstrated. We did an elbow drill and alternating knees to the groin.

-Keith Hernandez

Curriculum Level One


Jab Eye Poke, Cross
Fighting Stance, Bladed vs MMA
Weak body spots and how to strike them
•Groin- Penis and Testicles
•Eyes- eyeballs, socket and retina
•Neck and Cervical area- especially the Adam’s apple
•Spinal column- especially the back of the head and neck

Blocking Groin Strikes Two methods
Breaking The Muay Thai Clinch
Hook uppercut
Basic footwork
Kicks- Shin to Groin
Kicks- Ball of foot to groin
Retzef- Machine Gun Punching and combinations follow up
Elbows regular
Knees to the head
Knees to the Groin

Groin strikes- knees, shin to groin, ball of the foot
Groin Blocks – both styles

Throat Strikes-
C strike, Striking W the thumb

Hammer Fists
to the side of the neck, cervical spine
Vertical elbow
Striking Combinations to set up attacks to the cervical spine
Headbutt (understand the principle)
How to apply RNC (trachea crush and clean choke)
Escape- RNC (trachea crush and clean choke)
Escape Guard
Escape Mount
Escape guillotine (2 krav maga versions)
Escape schoolyard headlock or bulldog choke (2 versions)
Escape Bear Hug (Font and Back, Hands Pinned and Hands Free)
Base/ Stand up – Wrestling
Base to Stand up to Finger Breaks and Elbows-
Kick to Stand up- From open Guard Position In a street fight

Knife Defenses

Downward Stab from the Live Side
Downward Stab To the Dead Side
Straight Stab
Side stab
Under Stab


Counter the jab with jab hand groin strike
Counter the the cross with cross hand groin strike

Application of weak points striking

Aggression Drills

Sparring Test

Strength and Endurance Test