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E1 Training Session 1 October 5 2017

We started the class with some low impact warm ups. Squats,push ups,planking, and fighting stance lunges. 

E1 did all these well. He is learning to synchronize the striking together with the footwork during his Jab Cross combination. He is still a bit stiff during the execution and forgets to step his rear leg, turn his hip over, and drop his weight while executing the cross. He is a bit aggressive with striking and sometimes loses control of proper body dynamics during partner drills.. He did very well working on the punching bag and is getting comfortable with the fighting stance and maintaining striking distance (moving backwards after the execution of strikes). He is beginning to learn the straight kick using his shin, however, he is still a bit stiff and unsure. We practiced the downward stab defense with the rubber training knife; he is getting used to the bursting concept but still struggles with striking and deflecting and closing the distance at the same time (bursting)


E1 and A1 Training Sessions 2-3 (October 10, 2017  and October 12 2017)

E1 is still struggling with stiffness (provide a link to define stiffness) but strikes with power and drives forward well.We introduced the lead horizontal elbow into the Jab Cross striking combination. E1 had trouble synchronizing the lead elbow with his lead leg hip movement, in order to gain optimal power and efficiency without relying merely on arm strength(See Video). His Jab Cross combination and boxing in general, is improving in the use of hips and footwork, but his fighting stance still needs attention, especially in lowering his base to create stability. E1 has a tendency to drop his hands and over commits to strikes, forgetting to reset his bladed fighting stance.We added a knee strike to the Jab, Cross, Lead Elbow combination. E1 still has confusion on setting up a strong knee and locks up after throwing it (See Video).

We went over the first version of the guillotine escape- sternum and throat strike:

  • Using the sternum as a guide, apply a pushing motion with the fingers toward the attacker’s Adam’s Apple

E1 grabs the choking wrist firmly, and bases out, but his hips are a bit too far from attacker’s legs.He is still having a bit of difficulty finding the sternum and laryngeal prominence, but we are working on this.

A1 is getting accustomed to the bladed stance, but needs work on lowering it to achieve more stability. He is getting accustomed to synchronizing striking with footwork and is aware of the need to fine tune the dynamics. He sometimes drops his hands after strikes and forgets to reset the bladed stance fully. We will continue to work on his lead elbow strike. He is doing the first version of the guillotine well and will monitor accordingly.


E1 and A1 Session 4 October 17th 2017

We did a warm-up that consisted of push-ups, fighting stance lunges, planking, with the addition of backward break fall to fighting stance and a palm strike Jab, about 10 reps, ending with pelvic bridging on the ground.We reviewed the straight kick in detail, emphasizing the concept of looseness in the leg and hip until the point of impact on the target. E1 and A1 are becoming more comfortable with this, but still require more work to internalize it.We reviewed the guillotine escape. E1 and A1 are getting the gist of the sequence,  but need to synchronize all the steps for increased efficiency. E1 and A1 are striking with power during combination, but still forget to reset their base after combinations and sometimes omit footwork and hip movements. We did 10 repetitions of the downward knife defense. A1 is still becoming acquainted with the concept of bursting. E1 is becoming more confident with the bursting in, but sometimes doesn’t close the distance adequately to follow through with the entire knife defense


E1 and A1 Session 5  October 19th 2017

We reviewed the backward break fall and introduced the *backward roll as part of the warm up. E1 is having difficulty developing momentum to get a full diagonal roll over the shoulder. A1 has it down well.We went over kneeing with power and a defense against a double leg take-down by framing the neck with the forearm and basing away from the attacker. During our time reviewing the hook punch, they both found it difficult to control the elbow and forearm, which often led them to do lead elbows or come solely from the arm. Furthermore, synchronizing the hip  with the hook presented problems as well.(Review: Hook and Body Dynamics)


*Backward Roll Steps:

Starting Position: Sitting or lying on your back.

  1. Roll backward toward one shoulder, sending both hands over that same shoulder. Do NOT roll straight back over your head. Be sure to tuck your chin!
  2. Bring your legs over that same shoulder.
  3. Roll up onto your feet into a fighting stance.


E1 and A1 Session 6 and 7 October 24th and October 26th 2017

The shrimping exercise was introduced during the warm up. A1 did well after 3 reps. E1 is still having difficulty with bringing his lower body to his head during the shrimp motion, but is steadily improving after many reps. We went over the guillotine choke to review. E1 has the plucking and basing down, but he needs to get closer to the attacker before finishing the escape. A1 needs to work on plucking the choking wrist while turning his head toward the attacker’s armpit, but he knows the rest of the sequence well. During striking combinations, E1 is striking with power, but he sometimes uses too much arm strength during elbows and hooks rather than using hip motion. His fighting stance is improving, but he needs to reset his base more efficiently after striking.. A1 is using much better body dynamics during strikings and basing his fighting stance well.

E1 and A1 Session 8 and 9 October 31st and November 2 2017

We reviewed striking basics and correct footwork during striking. A1 is getting better at reseting his base after strikes and is coordinating the lower and upper body well during striking. E1’s base is improving  and is beginning to incorporate the hip movement during lead elbow strikes. When he doesn’t rush the combinations, he does much better. E1 and A1 straight kick: other than some residual stiffness prior to impact, there’s been improvement with fluidity and form. We reviewed the rear choke defense. E1 is basing, striking the groin, and stepping out his leg well, but he sometimes rushes the sequence. A1 is still having trouble with the initial pluck and groin hit, and sometimes forgets to turn head toward the attacker and step his leg out.We reviewed the hook punch: both students still find the angle of the punch awkward and are learning to synchronize the hip motion and control the strike.

(Review: Hook and Body Dynamics)


E1 and A1 Sessions 11-20 , November 14 2017-December 19 2017

E1 and A1: body dynamics during the jab, cross combination are improving steadily. I notice greater fluidity and ease during this combination in both students.

A1 has a tendency to forget to return his hands to his head when more combinations follow. Moreover, his stance is well based but his knees flare a bit too much during his bladed stance: he needs to hip adduct and adduct at the ankle joint. This is moving the distal end of the foot toward the mid-line, or toward the center of the body.

E1 sometimes forgets to widen his base and becomes a bit too bladed. He needs to steadily improve his ability to remember to reset to an optimally based bladed stance; E1 needs to loosen up slightly at the end and the beginning of his punches: now he is contracting at both the beginning and end of his punches. But improvements are noted from beginning classes in October.

E1’s elbows are improving in regard to synchronizing and twisting his lead leg during the strike. A1’s hooks are improving, but at times he has a tendency to bring the striking arm further back than the hip. E1 is still a bit stiff during his hook and tightens up, but he is steadily improving control once the strike is initiated, maintaining the 90° angle.

A1 and E1: We need to work more on getting off the line of attack with more efficient ashi sabaki/foot work, fluidly deflecting/blocking attacks and following through with effective combatives/strikes with strong body dynamics. Overall, basics are improving but need to be tightened to greater degrees to achieve more unconscious competence.








K1 Session 1 September 27th 2017











class 5/2/16

Class tonight will be
Warm-up low impact 7-8 min body weight exercises.
2 min light stretch.
striking combo jab cross elbow block lead, rear hook 3 min
striking combo jab cross elbow block lead, rear hammer fist 3 min
water 2 min
setup and clean mats no shoes put on protective clothing 6-7 min
ground exercises,
Neck rolls head down, head to ceiling, 5 min
full bridge 2 min
Jiu jitsu technique escape guard to standing utilizing framing 3 min
Sparring ground only no striking
work on escaping mount, side-mount, knee on stomach, guard 10-15 min depending on time
Qigong chi gung (Simcha) 2-5 min depending on time
Trim all nails come with clean socks, bring the judo mats into the small dojo, all students please chip in on cleaning mats before and tidying up the room afterwards.

Applying Krav Maga to traditional BJJ

finger twist and hand on groin mount escape

Here a smaller female is observed using the techniques of krav maga to escape from the mount of a significantly larger male, In Bjj the bridge and roll is taught, However what if you lack the strength required to perform the bjj basic mount escape?

The answer is to use dirty techniques such as attacking single digits and the groin, here the student is observed applying pressure to the femoral artery Near the groin, but not directly attacking the testicles. Is this ethical?

trachea crush test


There are many ways to break down a standing enemy from behind. Approach on a side stance, making it hard for him to grab the goin, use a technique such as a kick to the back of the knee or a hand to the small of the back. Upon bringing him down place your knee in the small of his back and cut with the blade of the hand creating a vice grip and driving your elbow into his back. This is not a jui-jitsu style clean choke but a choke aimed at crushing the trachea.

In the video you see me approaching at the side the ways i can take down my enemy are as follows; A kick delivered to the back of his knee coupled with pulling him backwards forcefully at the neck (as seen in the video), or striking the small of my opponents back at the L5-S1 area coupled with pulling him back forcefully at the neck, or a side bump with my hip coupled with pulling him back forcefully, in all these techniques it goes to show that I need only to pull him back forcefully by the neck in order to apply this trachea crush.

In the words of my students

Mutiple Attackers

“A fight between two people is a testing of the will of their respective bodies and spirits.”

We worked on fundamental skills today: a bladed stance, Kicks to the groin with the lead foot, fingers to the eyes (a deceptive maneuver to create other opportunities for attack), and hammer fists with full extension of shoulder and torso to achieve optimal power.

How to safely use striking pads was demonstrated. We did an elbow drill and alternating knees to the groin.

-Keith Hernandez

It is morphin time

Welcome to the world of Krav Maga. We will morph you into a person that does not fear being attacked. You will feel confident and safe where ever you go.