Equipment Level 2

Shin Guards

Purchase Shinguards

Shin guards are necessary for preventing bine on bone injuries and bone on soft flesh injuries to my training partner, they are constructed of leather, or neoprene and are secured around the leg with straps or with a neoprene sleeve. Good shin guards are not made of cloth, garment material, cotton or pillow soft foam. They should absorb yet be of substance and have mass, it should hurt to get hit with them, they may even cause bruising, but not break bone.. good shinguards extend the entire length of the shin bone and connect with the knee pads. It should not be possible to connect with the shin to your partner while fully geared up. it is possible to condition ones shins to a certain degree, ultimately age and genetics play a role as seen at ufc in the fight with Anderson silva vs chris Weidman where Anderson silva broke his leg on Weidman’s knee. this injury was the result of Weidman checking andersons silva’s leg kick with the top thicker part of his shin closer to the knee. The thinner and lower part of andersons tibia impacting with the connecting the thicker higher part of weidmans leg near the tibial tuberosity. again age and genetics play a factor of this grevious injury but wearing of shinguards during contact training prevents this.

Knee pads

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Knee pads
Knee pads should cover the knees and lessen the impact to the knee, prevent bruising and damage to the medial and lateral meniscus. Good knee pads should be made of neoprene or another material which in addition to the padding will also cause the joints to sweat increasing blood flow to the area and further preventing possible injury.

Elbow pads

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Elbow pads cover the elbows and prevent cuts on your training partners, they allow one to practice elbows in level 2 sparring otherwise not possible without. In addition, they keep the elbows warm and sweaty increasing bloodflow to the area and preventing injuries.