This page will showcase the equipment used for training Krav Maga and boxing with Krav Maguy. Krav Maguy advises you use quality equipment and replace when worn out. You must have 1) Gloves, 2) Mouth piece and 3)Groin Protection to commence. Click to Purchase Level One Krav Maga Training Equipment

Gloves:Click to purchase recommended gloves

Protecting the hand of the puncher and providing support to the wrist and padding to the knuckles thereby preventing fractures of the hand. More for protecting the hand of the puncher than the face of an attacker the gloves are best at prevent fractures to the delicate bones in the hand.

Mouthpiece: Click to purchase recommended Mouthpieces

A should preventing the fighter from biting off his tongue while getting hit. The mouthpiece provides protection to the teeth and jaw. While still possible to get knocked out, it provides some protection and you are less likely to suffer a concussive blow while wearing one.
The mouthpiece provides protection to the teeth and jaw as well as biting the tongue and lip lacerations. While still possible to get knocked out, fighters swear that it protects them from this. this has been disputed through various medical journals and dentistry sources. However, these studies are taken from other contact sports and not fighting in general where fighters are getting hit directly in the jaw and not simply receiving concussive blows as in a football tackle or hockey check.
The mouthpiece will surely provide the user safety from lip lacerations and biting ones tongue off after receiving a blow and this is not disputed.

Groin Protection Follow the Link to purchase Cups and Groin Protection
An absolute must in any Krav Maguy training session. Kravmaguy uses techniques such as kicks and knees to the groin as well as groin slaps, it is necessary in training to protect the groin from accidental blows so we do not receive permanent testicular damage.

A note on training and Equipment:
The most important thing in training, even more important than learning a new skill or technique, is to not get injured. The Krav Maga taught by Krav Maguy is realistic and is a contact activity. More advanced levels of Krav Maguy system focus on full contact fights and actual street simulations where more contact is experienced. When we train our body absorbs small amounts of damage and rebuilds itself slowly.
Injury can happen in many ways, sometimes the body is even injured and we are so pumped from a high adrenaline workout and we are having such a great time that we want to continue training. The body does not recover in time and this leads quickly to over training. Many things affect an individuals recovery from a particular exercise or training session. Genetics, nutrition, rest, age, prior workout adaptation, hormone levels.
If you can train for a long time and not get injured your body will build itself and adapt slowly to the level of damage sustained. Wearing proper Krav Maguy recommended equipment will not only prevent injuries in training but allows one to train at a higher intensity and have less risk of injuries so that the body is becoming conditioned instead of breaking it. There are even cases where wearing the proper equipment helps one recover from a pre-existing injury, for example if i have sore knees, then wearing neoprene knee pads will cause the joint to sweat increasing the blood flow to the area. We aim to keep the training at maximum intensity, to where the body makes an almost complete recovery before our next training schedule. Always wearing the proper equipment helps us achieve this.