Rape Defense

Online Basic Rape Defense course:  This basic rape defense course is designed to teach and aid unprotected females – or any individual – to safeguard themselves from sexual assault by a single aggressor and escape with the least physical damage. The basics of this course are taught assuming the attacker is unarmed [armed aggressors will be dealt with in the advanced course]

Introduction: Sexual assault is a violent crime characterized by an attacker’s arousal and its connection to acts of violence; this includes rape, molestation, or other bodily harm to the victim. Such an attacker can be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, which adds to the attacker’s stimuli.  It also can increase the aggressor’s pain threshold, requiring the victim to inflict maximum damage to the attacker by targeting attacker-soft-spots. These targeted spots, when stricken with minimum force, can and will cause maximum damage.

How to learn free basic Rape Defense online:

The viewer should watch these moves performed then practice repeatedly and often with a partner.  If no partner is available, viewers should practice multiple times in front of a mirror in order to check form. These moves can be incorporated into any workout regime; obviously the more explosiveness, speed, power, and brutality of action one develops, the more likelihood of survival, yet the techniques shown should be simple enough to effectively execute them regardless of size or skill level. This is because these techniques rely on gross motor movements which are natural to the human body and can easily be trained into muscle memory and executed in a time of extreme stress and heightened adrenaline. Repetition is of utmost importance. Confidence in one’s ability to perform the moves at a time of maximum stress is crucial. If one has time constraints and cannot learn all the moves in the course, one should devote time to mastering two or three combinations and drill them over and over until they become second nature and are embedded into muscle memory.


Soft targets are:

  • Groin- Penis and Testicles
  • Eyes- eyeballs, socket and retina
  • Neck and Cervical area- especially the Adam’s apple
  • Spinal column- especially the back of the head and neck

Ways to cause damage and to soft target areas of the body

Eyes – The eyes are very sensitive and are easy targets; the slightest contact can cause the eyes to water up: scratching, poking, clawing, and gouging, attacking from all ranges. It is preferable to poke and strike directly at the retina in order to cause blindness or temporary loss of vision in the attacker, which WILL enable the follow up of further defensive maneuvers.

**pictures of hand position for eye strikes**

  • thumb out punch
  • finger poke
  • two finger jab
  • thumb gouge
  • claw strike

Groin Area

  • Grab twist and pull- to be done aggressively with the nails.
  • Monkey steals the peach- a move taken from Wushu Kung Foo but can easily be adapted for simpler gross motor movement
  • slapping and punching the testicles
  • knee, shin and toes to groin kick

Neck and Cervical area– This area is attacked from medium to close range. A strike to the Adam’s apple is best target strategy.  Any strike to this sensitive area can cause swelling in the throat and a powerful enough strike can cause death. Anyone can utilize the knife hand strike but women with long nails can use this strike to maximum effect and puncture the larynx.

  • C- shaped strike
  • knife hand strike
  • elbow to throat
  • Chop

Spinal column– This area, when struck (especially the back of the head and neck), will cause loss of consciousness and striking hard enough can cause paralysis.

  • Hammer fists
  • 12-6 elbows

Face, Jaw, and Temple-   This area also includes the nose, and the mouth. This is last on the list because one can recover quicker from a strike to this area, and it takes more precision and power to cause a knockout. It is considered by some not to be a “true” soft target as are the abovementioned.  Although it is not necessary to strike this area in every situation, the jaw and temple cannot be ignored completely, and should be struck with blows repeatedly when the opportunity presents itself. Targeted Strikes to the groin will almost always leave an adversary’s jaw-line and face open in an effort to protect his/herself, and one should practice combinations that strike low and then high, taking advantage of this natural reflex.

  • palm strike
  • hammer fist
  • elbows
  • knees
  • punches

Biting:  is an extremely effective way to cause damage in any sexual assault situation. Note that the attacker will be in very close proximity to the victim, so the opportunity to bite is often available:

  • If victims’ hands are pinned down and unable to strike
  • If victim’s mouth is covered to prevent the victim from crying out
  • If victim wishes to escape almost ANY hold or grip from the attacker

Biting techniques should be employed. When one bites, always try to rip off a piece of the attacker’s flesh, biting should always be followed up with a flurry of further strikes to other body targets. Biting the attackers genital area should be avoided in order to avoid exposure to blood pathogens and sexually transmitted diseases.

Effective biting techniques

  • biting the ear
  • biting the neck
  • biting the fingers, hands

Tips: Psychological Advantage/Control

Tip # 1: Victims should always use the element of surprise to gain an advantage, strike first, strike hard, strike often also applies to rape defense. If one feels at threat of life or serious bodily harm, and an attack has not yet commenced then one should assume the basic defensive posture*.  Tell the attacker that you “will do whatever he desires”. Once an attacker is distracted or has dropped guard, you should terminate the encounter with violent action.

Tip # 2: *Assuming the basic defensive posture is used with both hands raised and open palms facing the attacker.  If carrying a weapon, one hand assumes the defensive posture while the other hand reaches for a weapon (covered in advanced course). Raised hands serves multiple purposes:

  1. a) presents a façade of submissiveness and helplessness, prompting a lowering of guard in the attacker.
  2. b) allows the victim’s open hands to strike, poke, and claw as necessary should the need arise.

One should not raise ones hands in fists as this alerts the attacker and will give him time to strike back.

Combinations to be used

When an attacker is grabbing from the front or facing the victim with a chokehold:

  • Combination 1:  open handed slap to the groin + knife hand to the throat + standard eye gouge + elbow to the throat + knees to the groin and head to finish.
  • Combination 2:  eye poke or rake + C shaped strike to throat + knee/shin to groin + 12-6 elbows

When attacker is grabbing from front or side while standing and victim has no use of hands (eg. bear hug):

  • Combination 3: bite ear or neck under hook + knees to groin + 12-6 elbows and hammer fists to finish

When attacker has grabbed victim from behind in any position:

  • Combination 4: hands free finger lock and turn towards attacker + finish with strikes to soft targets
  • Combination 5: (victim’s hands are pinned from behind) reverse head butt + groin grab + violent turn towards attacker and elbows and forearms to throat

Attacker Has Thrown Victim to the Ground

Tip # 3: In general avoid being on the ground in any street fighting situation: the same applies to defense from sexual assault and rape as mobility is limited, there is less chance to escape, and it enables multiple attackers to kick, choke or pin a victim. In a sexual assault, grounded victims are generally held in two positions:

  1. The attacker is between the victim’s legs: The attacker is attempting to rip off clothes, using one hand to constrain the victim (a neck-hold) while the other is assaulting or disrobing the victim.
  • Do not lie with legs flat on the ground, Utilize the Brazilian Jui-Jitsu Guard Position. This will allow some control over the attacker while grounded. Use free hand(s) to block attacker’s hand, adjust hips accordingly. Use free hand to strike attacker’s neck and cervical area, using straight c-shaped and knife hands or side hammer fists.
  • If attacker’s weight falls on grounded victim: utilize 12-6 elbows to the back of the head or a standard two thumbed or single thumbed eye gouge to free one’s self from further molestation.
  • If attacker’s weight falls back, use kicks to chest or groin and perform the standard coming-to-combat stance procedure.
  • If attacker’s weight falls forward, hold attacker between legs in the guard position and attack to soft targets as necessary.  Use of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scissor sweep- to pull attacker closer can be effective. Pulling an attacker closer, even if the attacker is strong, creates an opportunistic range for use of Mike Tyson ear bite or Werewolf/Dracula bite to neck.
  • If attacker’s head is lower, or between victim’s legs, or on victim’s stomach, push attacker’s head further down and perform up/down 12-6 vertical elbows to the back of his head.
  • If attacker is striking: always blocking striking hands or hook them: use under hooks and over hooks for creating space for rape safe distance and use heel to strike the groin: then immediately rise in combat-ready-stance.
  1. The attacker is mounted on top of and straddling victim:
  • If attacker is in the full mount position, escape the position using strikes to groin, face, throat and head. Create distance and buck hips into the bridge. At this point victim will have reversed position with him/herself being between the attackers legs, both hands grab the groin area aggressively pushing away; one should stand up by pushing off of the attackers groin and deliver shin kicks, foot to groin, head stomps and soccer kicks to head until threat is neutralized, or one can safely escape.