Seminars and Workshops

Abe Schur National and International seminars and workshops are designed to fit all kinds of audience including law enforcement, military and security personnel, women, youth organizations and others; covering a variety of topics that includes:
Krav-Maga- Basics and advance techniques
Women & Youth self-defense- How to avoid to be victimized
How to be protected in your homes and business
How to counteract an attack in busses and subways
Knife Defense
Wilderness survival
Counter Terrorism Tactics

Seminars and workshop’s length are 2 to 8 hour sessions. Each session is customized to fit the skill set and knowledge of specific audiences.

To schedule a seminar/workshop and to obtain pricing information, please contact Abe Schur via email at or by phone at (702)-461-5772. Include the following preliminary information:

Name of organization, address, website, and contact information
Dates and location of seminar/workshop
Topic desired
Hours per day
Number of people attending