Victim’s Assistance Program

The Krav Maguy® Victim’s Assistance Program

The goal of the Krav Maguy® Victim’s Assistance Program is to provide Krav Maga Training according to the standards and curriculum as outlined by the the Krav Maguy® Rape Defense Program for victims of domestic abuse, rape, and hate crimes.

This grant will supply victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault and hate crimes with self-defense techniques, not only as means of protection and empowerment, but as a therapeutic tool for building confidence and moving forward on the path of recovery.

Being the victim of any of the above mentioned crimes leads to feelings of helplessness compounded by a loss of hope.  Most victims feel a complete lack of control over their lives and the realities they face on a daily basis; they regularly battle irrational and insurmountable fears as they struggle to be functional members of society.

The Krav Maguy® Victim’s Assistance Program is intended to strengthen the healing process by providing a sense of the control that was previously lost. The Krav Maguy® Victim’s Assistance Program will be funded through crowdsourcing and private donations; it will be taught by Krav Maguy® instructors who have been certified in the aforementioned Rape Defense Program.

Krav Maguy® Victim’s Assistance Program recognizes the fact that victims of abuse, rape or hate crimes face a very complicated healing process: Krav Maga and/or other martial arts training represent only one part of the picture which needs to include professional counseling and therapy. To the extent of our ability and the client’s legal consent, we will coordinate our individualized training program with licensed therapists and certified victim’s assistance specialists, organizations or shelters.  Such assistance and follow-up will be structured on a case-by-case basis.